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Hi! I'm Annie Liu (she/her/hers), a second year undergrad at MIT pursuing a major in computer science. I'm extremely interested in how technology can tell us more about ourselves and better inform the decisions we make in our lives. I love completing projects and learning new things along the way! Other than coding, I enjoy writing, running, rock climbing, and listening to music.


A guessing game from listening to a 30 second preview of a song from Spotify
Technologies: Node, React, Spotify Web API
Internship @ Kupenda for the Children
An interactive map with a filter based on user-selected properties and a feature that allows the user to find the closest facilities from any marker. Meant to help save the lives of hundreds of disabled children living in Kenya at high risk of falling through the cracks and change policies regarding these issues. Demo with mock data
Technologies: Leaflet, Node
UROP @ MIT Media Lab (Lifelong Kindergarten Group)
A creative learning tool to help teachers and educators work and learn more creatively and interactively, since current tools do not address the issues that they face.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, EJS), MongoDB, Mongoose
Open Streetsjan 2020
MLH Best Use of MongoDB Winner @ TechTogether Boston Hackathon
A crowdsourcing platform that promotes more clean, connected, and collaborative communities by allowing users to post issues on a map, share details, and automatically update the dates and addresses of the posts.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, EJS, Leaflet.js), Nominatim, MongoDB, Mongoose
Regeneron STS Scholar (formerly Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist)
A machine learning model for protein subcellular localization predictions to help identify drug targets and contribute to drug repurposing efforts for many protein dysfunctional diseases, including cancer, asthma, and Alzheimer's.
Technologies: Python (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras)
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